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Strengthen the relationship with your customers

Are you ready for the next step in Commerce?
As a retailer you already know how to bridge the gap between the offline and online world and have the necessary experience with this. But for fully automated processes, super fast order processing, optimal customer loyalty and a seamless connection of the offline channels, you need more. A perfectly working eCommerce platform that helps you get ready for the future. How are you going to leap towards multichannel retail?

The commerce platform for retailers

NextChapter helps you sell multichannel from one unified solution. Forget about your outdated webshop with all its limitations. Our solution efficiently manages all commerce processes and sales channels from one central backbone. Offer an optimal (online) buying experience to your customers and increase loyalty. Consumers don't want to hear 'no'. With a rich assortment, integration with your physical stores and long-tail offer you will never miss out on a sale again.

Reach your customers anytime, anywhere

Do you want to reach your customer both offline and online? NextChapter offers unlimited possibilities for adding new omnichannel sales channels. With all the keys to success in hand, you can sell anywhere, anytime and to anyone, while technology scales with you.

For example, think of:

  • B2C webshop, integrated with stores and focused on conversion and loyalty
  • Long tail & lost sales, never miss out on sales again with sales assistants and in-store kiosks
  • Your niche marketplace, the dot on the horizon that you could build towards
  • Marketplaces and social commerce, fully integrated with NextChapter

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Your new eCommerce platform

1. Links to your existing systems

The NextChapter platform is seamlessly and flawlessly linked to your existing systems and processes. In addition, NextChapter already has many new integrations with countless eCommerce and marketing services

2. A robust backbone (SaaS)

With a robust backbone, NextChapter offers you a central platform for all your commerce activities, data and integrations. The platform comes with all technology readily configured and thoroughly tested. Based on your wishes, we can implement additional modules, sales channels and the desired look and feel (front-end design). It’s efficient, cost-effective and scalable because of our SaaS model.

3. Future-proof with AI engine

Realize 10% to 50% autonomous growth by using our AI engine. Surpass your competitors due to the latest innovative features that are available in the NextChapter platform.

4. All relevant sales channels for franchise organizations

Sell more through the most relevant sales channels, fully integrated and expandable. Combine them with long tail & lost sales to ensure that you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers again. Reach millions of new consumers through external (international) marketplaces.

The advantages of the NextChapter eCommerce platform at a glance:

One central platform

With our unique unified solution you manage all commerce activities, processes and sales channels from the same cloud environment with all your members.

Joint eCommerce success

Bridge the gap between webshop, physical stores and long-tail sales and increase your customer loyalty by never having to say 'no' again.

Increase your sales opportunities with long tail

Expand and deepen the range through long tail and drop shipment.

Technology that scales with you

With the NextChapter platform you get the most modern technology that scales with your needs and is always available. We provide extensive features, safe and error-free software and the latest innovations.

What features does the NextChapter platform have?

NextChapter has all the solutions that franchise organizations need for their eCommerce activities.

Want to know more about all features?

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A subscription to innovation

When it comes to the investment of software, you don’t want to be faced with surprises. Our platform ensures that you can manage everything centrally and have full control over all your commerce processes.

But we wouldn't be called NextChapter if we didn't go that extra mile. We are always working on maintenance, improvements and new innovative features. We have a keen eye on our customers' wishes. In fact, all the features you would like are already there or being developed as we speak. This way your focus stays on the business while the development of your platform is in good hands.

The benefits of our SaaS model

Our Saas Core requires a one-time start-up fee to realize all your wishes and to make all complex ends meet. In addition, we use a monthly license based on the purchased modules, which includes maintenance, support and all new features. This way, costs remain manageable, while you benefit from error-free software, a fast roll-out, the highest quality and a platform that is constantly developing

  • Robust and secure cloud software
  • Guaranteed high performance and speed
  • Low initial investment: our platform is readily configured and requires a one-time fee for implementation and integration
  • Low cost of ownership: a transparent and affordable monthly license fee
  • Up-to-date technology: versions and migrations are a thing of the past
  • Fast time to market
  • Continuous innovations and additions

Omnichannel commerce is how we share our relevance for customers


About Van Dalen

Van Dalen is a renowned shoe store concept with 14 stores in the Netherlands. With its own label and various top brands, Van Dalen offers high-quality and tasteful shoes. Timeless items are mixed with trendy details for the modern woman and man.

What Van Dalen was looking for

An Omnichannel Commerce platform to realize stylish branding and strong Omnichannel processes. An online proposition that radiates expertise and serves as a bridge to the 14 stores at the same time.

What Van Dalen achieved

A webshop to optimally communicate their attention to detail, taste and quality in a stylish design. Strong Omnichannel processes allowing customers a wide choice online from the cumulated assortment of all 14 stores. Decentralized order allocation and fulfillment from stores.