Stock Management with NextChapter SIM

The end of selling “no” to customers. NextChapter eCommerce offers stock management in one central process across all your locations. With NextChapter SIM (Stock Information Management) stock movements are updated in real time on all sales channels. NextChapter SIM can control the stock of an infinite number of stock locations such as shops, warehouses, suppliers, vendors and complex situations.
    • Base for
      order allocation.

    • Based on business rules, NextChapter SIM allocates sold items to one or more stock locations. Real-time stock management is essential for growth. In the NextChapter platform, all stock processes can be monitored clearly and in real time. Very important for customer service, for example.

    • The gap between
      online & offline.

    • NextChapter SIM can display where an item is in stock (i.e. in stores). And attract your customers to bricks and mortar.

    • Next step towards
      longtail sales.

    • With our optimal stock management you can connect your webshop and stores and upgrade to longtail sales. NextChapter SIM allows you to sell your products to anyone, anytime, anywhere and you never have to sell "no" to customers again.

    • Important
      SIM qualities.

      • One central stock for all your sales channels

      • Stock from different locations & drop shipment partners

      • Dynamic delivery times per stock location

      • Thresholds

    • NextChapter
      SIM benefits.

      • Fast and efficient fulfillment, realtime, based on complex business rules

      • Automatic management of your articles at all stock locations

      • Never sell "no" to customers again with a longtail offer that connects online and offline sales

    • Integrations with
      Stock & ERP.

    • The NextChapter platform has unlimited integrations with systems, platforms and service. You do not have to arrange this yourself. We connect flawlessly to your existing account(s) as well, so that your activities can continue without any disruptions. For example, but not limited to:

      • EDI gateway ondersteuning

      • Exact Globe

      • Microsoft Dynamics

      • Navision

      • AX

      • JD Edwards

      • ProFashionAll (PFA)

      • Becosoft

      • ACA Fashion Software

      • Reflecta

      • Stockbase

      • SAP

      • Hybris

      • AFAS

      • It’s Perfect

      • Odoo

      • Picqer

      and more…

    • Next level building blocks

      Choose our strong performance, continuous innovation, smart features and en flawless processes.

        • PIM

        • NextChapter PIM guarantees perfect article data across all your sales channels. PIM processes and enriches data from external sources, such as suppliers. Scalable and practical.

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        • Stock

        • Connect an infinite number of stock locations, such as shops, warehouses and suppliers, to the NextChapter platform realtime. The end of selling “no”.

        • Prices

        • You can easily control prices across all your sales channels. Whether this is B2B, B2C or via a marketplace. Offers you security and assurance.

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        • Orders

        • Arrange everything around orders, shipments, statuses, fulfillment, returns, cancellations, payments and refunds. You're in control.

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        • CMS

        • User-friendliness is in our DNA. With the NextChapter CMS you manage your content across all webshops and channels. A true time saver.

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        • Marketing

        • Merchandising and marketing features with a focus on conversions, higher order values and returning customers. Aim for a higher turnover.

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        • Logistics

        • Our Logistics Information Management knows which parcels need to be sent when and where, directs carriers and can follow the process realtime. Keep a good overview of your process.

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        • Payments

        • Our platform arranges payment methods for your sales channels, refunds and the integration with various underlying payment service providers and loyalty providers. Professional and well organized.

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    • Discover your growth
      with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.