NextChapter SaaS & Customization

The NextChapter solution consists of a SaaS (software as a service) platform combined with flexible customization. Why? Because we want to offer you quality and continuous innovation. With the convenience of using your own systems. The NextChapter Data Converter ensures flawless integrations. So that you are assured of a strong and solid e-commerce solution. At NextChapter eCommerce you get the best of both worlds. Unique in the market and perfectly suited to strong growth ambitions.
    • The best of innovation
      and customization combined.

    • When it comes to investing in software, you do not want no surprises.The innovative and unique NextChapter platform is for ambitious companies with strong growth plans. For companies that want to sell through various online channels or want to become a marketplace. We offer you the answer from one central platform, seamlessly integrated with all your systems. Supported by an experienced partner with a proven track record.

      Enjoy high quality, lower costs, a faster time to market and error-free software with our SaaS platform. A rock-solid and reliable cloud software, a one-time start-up fee for integration and implementation, insightful and affordable monthly license costs, always up-to-date technology (versions and migrations are a thing of the past and continuous innovations are available), and customization for your own brand, look & feel.

    • A subscription
      to innovation.

      Our SaaS platform is generically built for all our customers. Everyone works in this same part of our software. This part is flawless, continuously innovated and without migrations. It´s extremely solid, our robust backbone. With the licensing model you have the benefits of a subscription to innovation and continuous quality.

    • With customization.

      We understand that you don't want to get stuck in a software platform and that you have your own systems that you´ve been relying on for years. That is why we apply customization. Both for the frontend and for the backend integrations. We link your wishes and systems to the NextChapter backbone. For more freedom and flexibility.

    • NextChapter Data Converter.

      With the NextChapter Data Converter we create flexible integrations of systems and data. This is an in-house developed module with which we can link with any system. Where there is a demand for additional customization, we offer the solution. The Data Converter provides enormous flexibility and speed in making technical integrations.

    • Implementation & integration.

      A collaboration with NextChapter eCommerce goes beyond just delivering a perfectly functioning system. From the implementation of the technical backbone, the delivery of your new sales channels, to the technical integrations with all of your systems. The end result is a complete solution that can grow with your wishes.

    • Sparring partner in growth.

      In order to work together towards your dot on the horizon, NextChapter eCommerce is your high-level sparring partner. We are committed to your success, and we strategize with you in the right approach. So we can grow together towards an ecosystem of multichannel commerce partners.

    • Discover your growth
      with our platform.  

    • Would you like to know more about your growth possibilities with NextChapter eCommerce? Please contact us for a demonstration of our features.