NextChapter e-commerce voor Retail

NextChapter eCommerce for Retail Businesses.

As a retailer you already bridge the gap between offline and online. But for fully automated processes, super fast order processing, optimal customer loyalty and a seamless connection with your offline channels, you need more.
  • One platform, endless growth opportunities.

    You need a perfectly working e-commerce platform with which you are ready for the future. How are you going to make the step to multichannel retail? NextChapter eCommerce helps you to sell from one solution. Finally, a rock-solid scalable e-commerce platform, and at lower costs.

    • Sell more, from one platform

    • Smarter sales, also in-store

    • Sell on large external marketplaces

    • Become a niche marketplace

    • Sell more, from one central platform.

      Are you looking for more conversions and higher turnover? NextChapter eCommerce offers unlimited possibilities for adding new sales channels. So you can sell where your customers are. Our solution allows you to efficiently manage all sales processes and channels from one dashboard.

    • Smart selling, also in-store.

      Enhance your customer loyalty. Offer an optimal (online) buying experience and strengthen the relationship with your customers. Consumers want to be able to shop on demand and not be told “no”. With a wide range, via inter-branch and longtail offer, or the in-store kiosk tool, to never miss a sale again. And lost sales are a thing of the past.

    • Sell on international marketplaces.

      Sell your products on all major marketplaces such as Amazon, and Zalando and more than 200 other (international) marketplaces via the NextChapter platform. These marketplaces are integrated through the integration of Item data, Stock, Orders, Shipment data (track & trace) and Returns. With this you take a gigantic step towards a larger customer reach in one go.

    • Become a niche marketplace.

      Claim a unique position in your industry. Become a niche marketplace for your customers, by developing into a multivendor platform. This approach fits a growth strategy in which you become the online authority within your industry or product segment.

    • NextChapter benefits for retail businesses:

        • Stylish & effective webshops

        • Serve customers throughout the customer journey with beautiful designs, content, inspiration and effective sales.

        • Omnichannel e-commerce

        • Bridge the gap between the digital and the physical world with services such as display store stock, reserve and click & collect.

        • Sell on more than 200 marketplaces

        • Reach milions of new consumers through our integrations with Europe's largest general marketplaces and social commerce platforms.

        • Mutiple stock locations

        • Unprecedented and unlimited product offer. Sell ​​the inventory of all store branches complemented with longtail drop shipment.

        • AI commerce

        • Opt for 10% to 20% organic growth in revenu by displaying product offerings based on Artificial Intelligence.

        • Manage article data

        • Create a central database with perfect article data and specific content per sales channel.

        • International

        • Sell internationally in multiple languages and with specific country webshops.

        • Merchandising tools

        • Increase conversions and order values with smart product merchandising such as bundles, combi deals and cash register offers.

        • Promotions & special offers

        • Create many different promotions and discount codes to stimulate extra sales.

        • Parcel shipping

        • Easily and quickly create shipments with carriers, directly from the NextChapter backoffice.

        • Order Management

        • Process orders quickly and easily from all sales channels in one backend system.

        • Integrations

        • Optimize efficiency by linking data flows with external systems.

An established SaaS platform, that can handle high volumes with multiple stores and webshops.

Maurice van Franck
Director E-commerce
SPORT 2000

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