NextChapter for Franchises

Online success for your franchise business

Are you ready for the next step in Commerce?
As a franchise formula you share the same vision with multiple entrepreneurs. But doing business together also has its challenges. For example, how do you keep up with the rapid developments of eCommerce? Which systems, best practices and order and stock processes provide a solution to your specific needs?

The commerce platform for franchise success

NextChapter offers a platform that allows you to sell collectively from one unified solution. Say goodbye to outdated systems. Create the optimal environment in which you operate as one formula with franchisees, reinforced by your own eCommerce platform. Our solution makes it possible to collectively manage stock, article data, knowledge, and costs. While also making optimal use of your existing stores and long-tail network for order processing. Use your strongest asset as a franchise: the power of the collective.

Strengthen your formula and create value for entrepreneurs

Do you want to roll out your franchise formula and add new participants? Or connect franchisees to new sales channels, such as (international) Marketplaces? NextChapter offers unlimited possibilities for your omnichannel strategy. You can focus on the growth of your business, while technology scales with you.

For example, think of:

  • One central webshop with a combined assortment under the formula name
  • Individual webshops for local retailers with their own offer
  • Our 'smart sales assistant': the in-store mobile or kiosk tool with which you can directly reorder products that are not in stock in the store via different store locations: you’ll never have to say ‘not’ to your customers again and lost sales are a thing of the past
  • Sell through big marketplaces such as Amazon, Bol and Zalando, fully integrated with NextChapter

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Your new eCommerce platform

1. Links to your existing systems

The NextChapter platform is seamlessly and flawlessly linked to your existing systems and processes. In addition, NextChapter already has many new integrations with countless eCommerce and marketing services.

2. A robust backbone (SaaS)

With a robust backbone, NextChapter offers you a central platform for all your commerce activities, data and integrations. The platform comes with all technology readily configured and thoroughly tested. Based on your wishes, we can implement additional modules, sales channels and the desired look and feel (front-end design). It’s efficient, cost-effective and scalable because of our SaaS model.

3. Future-proof with AI engine

Realize 10% to 50% autonomous growth by using our AI engine. Surpass your competitors due to the latest innovative features that are available in the NextChapter platform.

4. All relevant sales channels for franchise organizations

Sell more through the most relevant sales channels, fully integrated and expandable. Start a central franchise webshop or individual webshops, combine them with long tail & lost sales to ensure that you never have to say ‘no’ to your customers again. Reach millions of new consumers through external (international) marketplaces.

The advantages of the NextChapter eCommerce platform at a glance:

One central platform

With our unique unified solution you manage all commerce activities, processes and sales channels from the same cloud environment with your franchisees.

Joint eCommerce success

Optimize your joint strength in terms of costs, knowledge sharing, stock management, assortment and central marketing with our specialized software.

Unlimited Omnichannel Growth

Take advantage of unprecedented opportunities to sell through the most relevant online sales channels.

Technology that scales with you

With the NextChapter platform you get the most modern technology that scales with your needs and is always available. We provide extensive features, safe and error-free software and the latest innovations.

What features does the NextChapter platform have?

NextChapter has all the solutions that franchise organizations need for their eCommerce activities.

Want to know more about all features?

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A subscription to innovation

When it comes to the investment of software, you don’t want to be faced with surprises. Our platform ensures that you can manage everything centrally and have full control over all your commerce processes.

But we wouldn't be called NextChapter if we didn't go that extra mile. We are always working on maintenance, improvements and new innovative features. We have a keen eye on our customers' wishes. In fact, all the features you would like are already there or being developed as we speak. This way your focus stays on the business while the development of your platform is in good hands.

The benefits of our SaaS model

Our Saas Core requires a one-time start-up fee to realize all your wishes and to make all complex ends meet. In addition, we use a monthly license based on the purchased modules, which includes maintenance, support and all new features. This way, costs remain manageable, while you benefit from error-free software, a fast roll-out, the highest quality and a platform that is constantly developing

  • Robust and secure cloud software
  • Guaranteed high performance and speed
  • Low initial investment: our platform is readily configured and requires a one-time fee for implementation and integration
  • Low cost of ownership: a transparent and affordable monthly license fee
  • Up-to-date technology: versions and migrations are a thing of the past
  • Fast time to market
  • Continuous innovations and additions

An advanced and scalable platform to centrally manage all our franchises

An advanced and scalable platform to centrally manage all our franchises

About Sport 2000

SPORT 2000 is a European sportswear formula. In the Netherlands, more than 90 SPORT 2000 stores are operated by independent entrepreneurs. The stores have a wide and deep range for various sports articles. The SPORT 2000 franchise organization plays a central role in areas such as purchasing and marketing. The shops fulfill an important local presence. Entrepreneurs tailor their own ranges to the needs of local customers.

What Sport 2000 was looking for

With more than 90 stores under one formula name, it became clear that a technically scalable, reliable and advanced platform was needed to bring together and manage all franchise activities. The new platform also called for the possibility of creating new sales channels that all franchisees can benefit from.

What Sport2000 found

A powerful platform with which Sport 2000 as a franchisor guarantees quality, keeps control over processes and offers a successful eCommerce proposition to its members.

The accumulated stock of all 90 stores forms the entire webshop’s stock. Orders are now easily allocated to 1 or more stores that deliver the products to the consumer. Customer service can continuously monitor and intervene in this process. Return processing and refunds are automatic.

The PIM system makes it easy to import and manage large amounts of article data. The platform also offers an advanced Order Management module for distributing webshop orders based on complex business rules.